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Hello! Welcome to Super Baby Stores, you can find all you need for Moms and children here.

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My name is Pat, I am a pediatrician, I have lived in several countries abroad with my family. I love adventure, cooking, singing and playing games with kids. I have also been a preschool teacher and I still teach kids in my free.

I love little children so much right from my growing up days and was always around them cos I find them ‘irresistible’ and I really love them looking very cute in their outfits. When I bear my own kids, I still have that passion for children and I make sure my kids look great at all time.

I really love buying kids’ product for my kids and showing them off to friends and love ones. We are always in the kids stores trying to pick up one stuff or the other. I’m Just showing them the love they deserve


I am teaching kids

I love helping people out with their demands and needs generally as much as I could, there are several occasions whereby I have searched for kids wears and accessories in my city without getting them.

I had to search and shop online to get certain stuff for my kids since I couldn’t find them around me.

It’s just my nature and goal in life to see people smiling in their respective life, so I thought it wise to build this site to help people out there get varieties of children stuff online without struggling so much searching around them and not finding the right products.


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I am here to help you find the right stuff for moms and  kids, there are varieties of children and mom’s stuffs you can pick from and I will be glad to help you get exactly the right and perfect ones for your kids.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of My Super Baby


  1. Pat,

    I would like to start out by saying ‘great job on the website’. You’ve definitely put a lot of thought into your website. It is well organized and offers a lot of great information.

    The next thing I get just from reading your “About Pat” section is how caring and loving woman you are. This is going to go along way for you!

    Keep up all the great work and providing such valuable information for those with babies or having future children.

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