Best Baby Toys 0 12 Months. Learning to Play Review

Toy shopping is a very serious issue. As your newborn arrives, you will need to shop for toys that suit your babe-age as they grow. Toys that are too easy will bore your babe. Those that are advance will get your baby to confuse and that can lead to your baby losing interest in toys.

The best thing to do is to buy toys that are just suitable for your child’s age. Choosing the right toy for your baby will enable your baby to explore, build his/her skill level, enjoy and learn all at once.

Toys is a necessity. Buying toys for your baby is investing in your child’s development and building their minds.

When Your Baby’s Life Begins

During the first few months of a baby’s life, the baby cares less about toys. At this time their sense organs are developing and mum is their favorite play toy. They seem to understand their mum voice and study her face.

Immediately your baby begins to grasp, you will need to buy toys that are suitable and eco-friendly for his/her age. I’m going to review some toys that are eco-friendly and safe for babies. Some of these toys my children used them and they were safe for them to play with and very educative.

Sensory Toys. Build your Baby Sense Organ


Dimple toy

              The place to buy: Amazon

 This is a sensory toy, featuring silicone bubbles built into a sturdy plastic frame. It encourages fine motor skills, causes effective learning and sensory exploration. Your baby will be so delighted in the sensation of poking the silicon bubbles. My baby really loves poking it.

Oombee Cube

Fat Brain Toys OombeeCube

                                                      The place to Buy: Amazon.com

 This is a shape-sorting cube with 6 rubbery shapes tethered to its corners, it’s an innovative approach to shape-sorting fun. It strengthens fine motor skills, shape recognition, visual-spatial skills.

It also enhances sensory learning; inspires tactile exploration and experimentation. The shapes include triangle, square, oval, circle, pentagon, double circle. Its shapes are made of 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone.

The strings are short enough to be exceptionally safe, long enough for children to explore freely and high-quality design and materials for lasting durability and safety

Your little baby’s hands delight in sliding each shape smoothly and snugly into each of their respective slots. The shapes are made of rubber, textured, squishy – fun for little fingers to feel, also great for teething. Ideal for ages 10-months+ 

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More Follow Bee Crawl Toy

The Place To Buy: Macy’s.com

It encourages baby to crawl with fun. This two-in-one developmental toy from Skip Hop is designed to encourage crawling with lights, energetic music and movement, the motorized explore toy help baby grow through three stages:

Stage 1 pre-crawling as easy-to-hold wobbling bee rattles.

Stage 2 beginner crawling as a cloud moving in a circular pattern.

Stage 3 advanced crawlers with a cloud move in a random pattern to encourage chasing.

Bath Toys

                                                       The place to Buy: Amazon.com

This bath toy is a pack of washable toys that makes bath time fun for babies. It is eco-friendly and has four extra strong hooked suction cups. It keeps your bathroom tidy. The cloth is waterproof.

Soft Stuff Animals

  • SUPER FLUFFY AND GREAT SIZE – Made of Super Fluffy and HuggableCarefully Stuffed with Love and Harmony.
  • PERFECT COMPANION FOR CHILDREN – Kids Can Feel Safer and It Will Help Them with Their Emotional Development.
  • NO SHARP EDGES AND EXTRA HUGGABLE – No Sharp Edges so It Can be Hugged All Day Long.
  • Finest quality plush material.

                                                               Soft Stuffed Teddy Bears

STUFF Animal teddy

           The place to buy: Amazon.com  

                                                   Infant Baby Development Soft Giraffe


The place to Buy: Amazon.com

  • Can be hung in the bedside or a small cart or car in the baby seat, for the baby to play.
  • Can be used as a baby’s toy, but also can improve the baby’s intelligence.
  • It can entertain the activities of the development of the baby’s imagination and exploration ability.
  • It is placed at home is also a lovely little decoration.
  • Various shapes of toys to provide visual stimulation, improve the baby’s cognitive ability to shape.


Hardback or Cloth Books


The place to Buy: Amazon.com

My little boy loves this so much as he opens and gazes at the picture with so much interest. The content is rich and it has bright colors, the materials are of high quality.  It encourages babies sensory exploration, visual-recognition skills, categorization skills, language & reading skills, etc. Reading this soft book gives you a chance to bond with your baby, a warm moment together.

Hardback or cloth books with simple, colorful figures to aid visual development. Make sure the edges of the books are round and not shape.

The Kind of Toys to Avoid:

Try to avoid toys with strings or cords more than 12 inches long, toys made with the lead-based paint, toys with sharp edges, keep away toys with tiny parts that can be easily swallowed by babies. Don’t buy loosely sewn, stuffed animals that the parts can be easily pulled out by babies, and lastly avoid products that are made of PVC.

I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any question(s) about baby toys or want to write your own personal review. Drop a comment below.

You can also email me at info@mysuperbaby.com

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  1. I love these adorable toys. I do agree that as soon as your baby begins to grasp then you will need to buy toys that are suitable and eco-friendly for his/her age.The sensory toys are a great catch as they develop the baby’s sense organ. Great post. I love it.

    • Hello Dahlia, that’s true. Parents knowing the right toys to buy for their babies will really help babies develop faster in every way. Thanks for dropping by to read my post.

  2. The range of toys is endless and one can really invest huge sums into toys in the hopes that it will support the development of a child. In my experience, quality was better than quantity and I found really good success with rotating toys during those years.

    Instead of just filling the crib with huge amounts of toys, rotating them means that you keep things fresh and interesting as all the toys are not available all at once. Thanks for a great article and food for thought.


    • Hello Richard,
      I agree with you. When we get the right toys for our kids at the right age, we will get a great educational result of that toy on our kids. Thanks for stopping by to read my post.

  3. First of all, I should thank you to write a very good post about sensory baby toys and the toys to avoid. And yes, Amazon is the best marketplace to buy baby toys.

    Some important things need to remember when buying baby toys. Toys should be nontoxic, first hand and eco-friendly. Clothing toys are best as you said. Warning labels on the toys also give you important information about it. I think you have shared all the information about baby toys from 0 to 12 months old. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Hello Best
      I’m so happy you liked the post and hope you got some help from it. When we give to get the right toys for our baby, we are sure they are saved and their mind gets developed. Thanks for stopping by to read my post.

  4. Dear Pat,

    This was a highly helpful article and the timing of your post is awesome because we have our 2 month old baby. I was looking for some advice on new born baby toys and found your helpful post. I learned a lot of new things thanks a lot.

    Sharing from your own experience adds more value to this post. Dimples toy sounds good and also I will go for Oombee Cube Sorter as well. The price is also affordable and under my budget and thanks a lot for the great advice. Advice on kinds of toys to avoid is very helpful.

    Best wishes to you, your family and your success, 

    Warm Regards,


  5. Hello Paul,
    I’m so glad the post was helpful and you are able to make a choice for your son. Thanks for stopping by to read my post.
    My Warmest Regards to you and your family.

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