How to Help a Baby With a Cold. Remedies for Babies


Dear mom and dad, I will be discussing a very important topic in this post. How to help a baby with a cold. What to do when our babies get a cold. For some parents is normal for babies to get a cold, while for other parents it is a delicate and difficult time for them as parents and for the baby too.

I will agree with both sides of the parents. The cold could be normal since it is inevitable. At one time or the other, we have experienced a cold, even as adults, so baby or kids aren’t exceptional. The fact is they can easily be infected with the virus due to the fact that babies have a low immune system.

The other part is, it is so difficult for baby and mom because of the discomfort the baby is passing through at that very moment. So you have to know how to treat a baby’s cold in such a time

I would like to split this discussion into four-part to explain how to help a baby with a cold and the remedies for babies. The first is cough and the itchy throat. The second is Running nose and the congestion within. Then fever and the high temperature. Lastly, what to do to remedy the cold in babies.

How Do Babies Get Infected With A Cold?

Babies get a cold commonly due to their low immune system and it can last longer than expected since the baby’s immune system isn’t strong enough to fight the antibodies (virus) that has invaded their system.

Discussing the causes of cold in babies, we can start by mentioning the weather. Due to our climate changes, children can be infected due to cold weather.

Sometime the weather might be warm and parents dress their babies lightly due to the hot weather and suddenly it changes and become cold and parents went out with babies unprepared for the cold weather, before they get home the baby is already sick with a cold cos the cold weather has affected the little child.

It can be caused also by an allergy. When the baby takes in something not suitable for the body, then the child will start reacting in so many ways and cold could be one of the signs of the reaction.

Another cause is the child being infected by an already infected person. We will all agree that when one member of our family is sick of cold that it will take grace, if not, every other member of the family will definitely be infected too and babies aren’t an exception.

I remember vividly well when my husband caught a cold, it didn’t even take two days for my toddler to be infected and I was next and it went around the whole house even with my other kids. That is the power of infection (virus).

Cough and The Itchy Throat

The cough is a sign of a cold and when you notice your babies crying a lot and being too cranky, please open your baby’s mouth to check his/her throat. If the throat is reddish that means your baby is having an itchy throat and that will eventually result to cough.

Itchy throat is only a symptom that results to cough. Coughing in babies is so pathetic cos you watch your baby going through pain, straining the lungs while coughing and that can lead to a serious heart or lings problem if not immediately taken care of.

HoneyIn such a case, what do you do? I will tell you some method I applied to cases like this when my babies are sick of cold. Some sound primitive, but I don’t care since it works for me. My babies are getting better at such a time is my priority.

Giving your baby lots of fluid is a must, that will help flush the virus away and soften the mucus to be coughed out or toilet out easily. For infants, breastfeed more and give some warm water, if you have started giving your water baby.

For toddlers, you can give warm water and add some honey to it. You can give a teaspoon of honey to your toddler, but for your infant honey might be too early to give.

First, I will tell give you the orthodox method and then the modern method of the rub to apply to your baby. Both of them are very effective. Using sheep fat is very effective. You can buy a sheep fat from the market, or if you have a place to get it, that’s fine. Put it in an empty pot and boil it, the fat will melt and become oil, then you pour it in a container where your hand can easily access it. Rub it on the chest, back, feet and hands of your baby and massage Maty's natural baby rubit gently, dress your baby warmly before bed. In the morning your baby will cough out lots of mucus, which will ease the cough keep at it until the cough totally vanish. It is natural and has no side effect cos it’s animal fat.

Secondly,  you can buy this natural chest rub called Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub. Repeat the same method by Rubbing it on the baby’s chest, back, feet and hands and massage it gently, dress your baby warmly before bed. In the morning your baby will cough out lots of mucus, which will ease the cough keep at it until the cough totally vanish.

Running Nose and the Congestion Within

Running nose is also a sign of cold and such cold sign can really be so difficult for babies cos they struggle to breathe or will I say they barely breathe.

Drinking plenty of water will help to soften and flush the mucus faster.

I can remember watching my baby rolling from one side of the bed to the other side struggling to get air through his nostril, then I decided to use a baby nasal aspirator call Nosefrida. With Nosefrida, I suck out the mucus from my baby nose and my baby’s breath gets a free flow again without the mucus getting into my mouth. This is really the perfect nasal aspirator and I just clean it up with some warm water and salt to sterilize it for another use.

Another method I use is to rub the fat, oil on the top and side of the nose. This method helps to dissolve the mucus and ease breathing. If you are using this method be careful not to rub the fat on the front part and inside the nose.

Fever and the High Temperature

When a baby is sick with a cold, fever is more likely to be involved. Use a baby thermometer to check his /her Thermometertemperature. If the thermometer reading is more than 37.4,  your baby’s temperature is high. The baby thermometer comes in different forms.

How to check through the armpit, forehead, pacifier, etc. With all this form you will get the same result.

If your baby is running temperature you can paracetamol syrupput some Luke warm water (if it is winter), but preferably cold water in a big bowl and soak a towel inside to clean the body of your baby to reduce the body temperature.

You can give some baby paracetamol syrup/tablet or baby Panadol syrup/tablet if the fever persists. You can get the syrup or tablet at any chemist or pharmacy near you.

What to Do to Remedy the Cold in Babies.

What you have to do to remedy a cold in babies is to dress your baby warm and when the weather is hot and you are going out with your baby, always carry extra clothes in your bag in case of a change of weather.

Keep your baby away from a cold infected person and if you can’t do that try to open your house windows and doors more often to let fresh air come in to neutralize the virus and freshen the house.

If your baby gets a cold, the points I have written above are great ways on how to help a baby with a cold, apply them. Whichever suits you will definitely work for you. It worked for me and am sure your baby’s case will not be an exception.

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I hope you enjoyed the post and if you ever need a hand, have any question(s) about how to help a  baby with a cold or want to write your own personal views. Feel free to drop them in a comment below.

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  1. This was a very useful post on how to treat babies with a cold. I like the way you break the symptoms down that a baby may be experiencing and address some solutions for each. That helps us get to the fix quickly and get relief for both the baby and the parent.

    The thing about babies is that they have only a few ways to tell us when they are not feeling right. No matter what the malady may be, generally being cranky, crying a lot, and often not being able to sleep is what the parent sees. Fortunately, when it is a cold they are suffering from, we can readily see what is up.

    Runny nose, cough, or a fever, you can help. I like the suggestions you offer and have sent the link to this page to my daughters (they both have young ones currently) so they can read up on steps and possible solutions when the cold bug inevitably hits their babies. Thanks much!

    • Hello Dave
      When I had my first son it was a difficult situation for me to deal with my son’s cold, coupled with the fact that I lived far away from home and family. I had to learn from my mistakes and today after giving birth to four kids, my experiences throughout the years as a mother has given me a bunch of knowledge towards parenting. I’m so glad you like the post and hope it will be helpful to your daughters and their babies.

  2. There’s some good advice here. I’ve never heard of Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub. I’ve never seen it in stores. Where can you buy it? Sounds like it might be a decent alternative to a lot of other stuff that’s out there. 

    I’m a full grown adult and I’ve actually tried honey and warm water in the past when I’ve felt unwell. I think it actually worked lol.

    • Hello Nate,
      I’m so glad you have tried some of the solutions before and it worked for you. About the Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub, I will be writing a review post on that in a few days from now and I will state where you can get all the product I stated in this post. Please check back in a couple of days. Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post.

  3. Dear Pat,

    Thanks a lot for this helpful and informative post and this post means a lot to me because my wife recently gave birth to a boy baby on March 2nd and we are paying utmost attention and care but still our baby is struggling with minor cold and cough.

    You not only discussed the causes but also provided with the solution as well which is very helpful. I shared your post with my wife and she said I will feed him more and yes we started giving warm water so we will try it. I got new insight about the sheep fat will try it as well. What I liked about your post is, many of the recommendations are natural home remedies which is awesome.

    Much Success!


    • Hello Paul,
      I’m so happy to hear this. Of a truth, the sheep fat works like magic, It just that many parents nowadays wouldn’t want to try it. I learned it from a friend whose great grandparents are nomads and that was the method they use in the olden days to treat a cold. When my youngest son was three months he caught a cold and I used this method cos at that age I was only breastfeeding him and the next morning he coughs out lots of mucus and in few days the cold was history. This is one method I will never depart from. Thanks for stopping by to read my post. I wish your baby a quick recovery.

  4. Thanks for this relevant information but I have a question and am sorry cause it might seem a little bit off topic but I will love to know if they honey method you mentioned can work for teenagers too or even adults. Cause I will really prefer a such more natural solution to the use of antibiotics. Thanks as I wait your response. 

    • Hello Owillz,
      Thanks so much for reading my post. About your question, These are natural remedies, they are also very good and effective for adults and teenagers. you can mix fresh fruits that contain vitamin C to the honey. Fruits like orange, lime, lemon, etc. these are very effective when mixed with honey to cure a cold. for babies, the citric acid in these fruits is too strong for babies system to handle that why it can’t be given to babies. I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hey Pat,

    Firstly thank you for writing such an informative and useful article. I have come to know many things from your article that the immune system of a child is weaker than others so they fall sick easily. As a protective father I do not want that with my child.

    I liked that you explained how babies fall sick easily and moreover you have given some natural remedies for that too. So I will keep your tips in mind.

    Thank you for writing this helpful article.

  6. Hello Extrovert1, Am so glad to hear that you learned and got some tips from this post. I just felt I should put some of my experiences into writing and am glad it was helpful to you. Thanks for stopping by.

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