How to Treat a Baby’s Cold. 3 Treatment Method Review

Have you been looking for a way on how to treat a baby’s cold whenever it occurs? In this post, I will be discussing what to use to treat a baby’s cold.

I will give a little definition of a cold in my own understanding. Cold can be said to be a result of the after effect of a virus called rhinovirus, which causes fifty percent of cold illness. There are several viruses that cause cold, but rhinovirus is more pronounced since it causes fifty percent of cold in humans.

Other viruses are coronavirus, influenza, parainfluenza, and respiratory syncytial virus, but these aren’t rampant like rhinovirus. Most of these viruses originated from Carmel and contact with these viruses are harmful to everyone not only babies.

For you to treat a baby’s cold you must know the signs and symptom of the cold. Then you can be able to get treatment for it. Treating a cold is very easy if you know the right product to use. I will be reviewing some product that can be used to treat a baby’s cold.

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I will split this treatment method into four segments. First, are the signs and symptoms of a cold. Second is congested and running nose, try the Nose Frida. For Fever, knowing your baby’s temperature. Lastly is Coughing and what’s needed to get rid of it

The Signs and Symptom Cold

When these viruses come in contact with a baby due to cold weather or are being affected by an infected person, the outcome is very difficult for babies.

When a baby gets a cold the signs and symptoms are

1. Congested nose

2. Coughing

3. Sore and itchy throat

4. Fever or high temperature.

You can get every information about cold and how to help a baby with a cold here.

In this post, I will be reviewing some of the cold products and where I got them and how helpful they were for my baby

Congested and Running Nose, Try the Nose Frida 

Nose Frida AspiratorWhen your baby’s nose gets congested due to a cold illness and it’s difficult for your baby to breath, you have to find a way to relieve your baby of this problem. Babies don’t know how to breathe through their mouth during the first few months of their life, so parents have to diversify a means of helping their babies have a free flow of breath.

That is where the Nose Frida is required. The Nose Frida is a nasal aspirator that helps you suck out snots and mucus from your baby’s nose without it entering your mouth. The mucus is deposited into a disposable filter and your child’s nose is free of mucus. Breathing is easy again.

It’s doctor’s recommended, 100% hygienic, safe and comfortable for mom and baby’s use. The compilation is easy. It has a nostril cover, snot catcher, nose hose and mouthpiece. It can be washed with soap and water or in a dishwasher.

Fever, Knowing Your Baby’s Temperature

Fever is one of the signs that your baby is suffering from a cold. How do you know the reading of your baby’s temperature? By using a baby-friendly thermometer to measure your baby’s temperature.

There are different types of thermometer that you can use to measure the temperature of your baby. I will be listing a few of them here, and whichever suits you, you can go for. They are

1. The ear and forehead thermometer

2. The anal and armpit thermometer

3. The pacifier thermometer

1. The Ear and Forehead Thermometer: It is very accurate and fast in reading. You can measure in Fahrenheit/Celsius due to the dual measurement device. It can be easily used by all not only for babies. It is very comfortable to use. It can be used to check temperature through the ear and on the forehead.



2. The Anal and Armpit Thermometer: It is a soft oral digital thermometer instrument. It’s an LCD head infrared thermometer which displays temperature. It is easy to use and to clean. For anal you need to use a lubricant like a vaseline to aid easy access.



3. The Pacifier Thermometer: This is designed specifically to suit babies. Baby’s temperature is easily measured in three minutes. It is safe for the baby because no mercury is used and harmless to the environment. It shuts down automatically after usage. It is easy to read and have high accuracy.

Coughing and Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub

When your baby catches a cold, there is a tendency that he/she will start coughing cos that is one of the signs of a cold. Coughing in babies is a very difficult issue cos it can continue for a while and you just have to give your baby more fluid so as to avoid dehydration.

Sometime vomiting may be involved, but not to worry, the vomiting may happen as a result of throwing out the mucus that has formed in the system.

Here is a product I use for my baby when such incidence takes place. The Maty’s all natural baby chest rub to dissolve the mucus and flush it out with the help of a fluid (breast milk and also water if you have started giving him/her).

Healthy and Happy Baby

We all know that when you know how to treat a baby’s cold that your baby will be happy and healthy and you as parents will be relaxed to care for your baby in a normal and happy way, not in a tensed or scary way.

I have outlined the product I used for my baby when treating a cold and I know that if you also try these methods, you will get the same result I had. I wish you and your baby healthy and happy life.

I hope you enjoyed the product review and if you ever need a hand, have any question(s) about how to treat your baby’s cold or want to write your own personal views. Feel free to drop them in a comment below.

You can also email me at info@mysuperbaby.com

If you are interested in any of these products, please click on the photo or the highlighted words of the product and you will be redirected to the purchasing site.

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  1. Hi Pat.

    I use the pacifier thermometer, it is great because it can be used to detect the onset of fever and then it’s a great way to monitor the baby during any fevers. 

    I would definitely recommend using one of these to anyone with a baby. In fact, if mine ever comes to the end of its life I will replace it immediately 😉

    • Hello Dianne,

      I’m so glad to hear that you use the pacifier thermometer and it has been so helpful. Thanks for stopping by to read my post.


  2. Hi

    Thank you very much for this article on  treatments for the common cold. As you are properly aware the common cold cannot be cured as the virus that produces the symptoms constantly mutates. I think  what you described is essential to monitor how the baby is doing.  Treating the cough and a runny nose is important to ease their discomfort. You have to do everything in your power to help your child until the cold passes.

    I thank you for opening my eyes to these products.


    • Hello Antonio,

      I’m glad to know that the post was helpful. Thanks for stopping by to read my post.


  3. Wow! Thank you so much for this post. I could still remember some few years back when we had our first baby, my wife does use her mouth to suck out the mucous whenever our son, Kevin was down by cold. Now, its all down to technology where you can easily make use of this Nose frida. It surely would make it much easier for our next baby. Though we did made use of the thermometers. Still, I believe there would have been improvements and upgrades. I really found your post very worthy. Thanks

    • Hello Darrick,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Things change every day. The Nose Frida is a magical product every mom needs. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Your site is so helpful, and I’m so excited about it.  My daughter’s baby is our most precious addition, and we want nothing but for him to be well and thrive, but as you know, sometimes he gets sick.  Your tips on treatments are so helpful for her and my son-in-law.  It’s been a long time since my children were small, and things and products change so quickly, that it’s nice to have up-to-date information for them.

    • Hello Babsie,

      I’m so happy this post is helpful to you and your family. It gladdens my heart that you are so excited about the information. Everything change as the days goes by, As the saying goes Change is a paramount thing. The world comes up with new discoveries regularly. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Hi Pat! Controlling baby’s temperature is all important. And it’s heartbreaking to see our little one suffering from a cold with high fever.

    We need a thermometer and I think the ear and forehead thermometer is the best option for us since it’s easy to read and comfortable to use. Thank you very much!

    • Hello Henry,

      It’s really heartbreaking when we see our little babies in such a state. The good thing is that there is a solution for them. The ear and forehead is an easy option. It will let us check our babies temperature without stress. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Hello Pat, and wow, how I wish I would have known all this stuff about 10 years ago! I was one of those new moms that panicked every time my baby sniffled. Colds in babies are not fun for the baby or for Mom, but knowing what to do when it occurs can make getting through it much easier with much less stress.

    I do have a new nephew and I will be sure to direct my sister to your article. The Nose Frida sounds like an excellent device for keeping the baby’s nasal passages clear. The Ear and Forehead thermometer also looks so easy to use.

    It was interesting to read about the rhinovirus. I was aware that it was the main culprit behind human colds but I didn’t know it was responsible for half of all colds! Thanks for all the priceless information to help babies (and Moms) breathe better and shake that cold off! 


    • Hello Sue,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. I hope the post will help your sister too. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Hi Pat,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative review with all the necessary information about “How to Treat a Baby’s Cold. 3 Treatment Method Review”

    Really this is an amazing review.I like the review very much.This review is very helpful for me because very often my baby is suffered from cold.So,i was looking for a way how to treat my baby’s cold in a normal and happy way.Fortunately i came to your review and found these best 3 methods.I think these 3 methods are very worthy for treating my baby’s cold.I have gained all the thorough details in this purpose.I hope finally i have found the best treatment of my baby’s cold and i am going to follow your instruction.I hope i will come back to you with the positive result.I like all those product that you have mentioned avobe.These products are seemed very worthy for my baby when treating a cold.I will these product for the same and i hope after that my baby will be able to lead a healthy and happy life.This review is very helpful for those people who are looking for a guideline how to treat a baby’s cold as you have highlighted the review so nicely.I will also share this great review with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited a lot from this.

    Can you suggested me the price of the “Ear and Forehead Thermometer and the Maty’s all natural baby chest rub??”

    • Hello Mahbuba,

      I’m so glad to hear that this post is helpful to you. About the price for the product, you can click on the photo or the highlighted words and you will be redirected to the shop. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. This is interesting. I’m just wondering if the nose frida gets uncomfortable for the baby. I would imagine they’d get used to it after awhile, but I know when I was little, I thought everything was uncomfortable, lol. The chest rub definitely looks like a good product. It’s nice that it’s all-natural, especially since babies can be pretty sensitive to some of the more synthetic stuff that the rest of us use. Great post!

    • Hello Mark,

      Thanks for reading my post. The NoseFrida is comfortable cos it doesn’t cause any pain but relieve to the baby. The baby might try to take his hands to it when his mom first starts using it but with time he will relax when he discovers he feels no pain. The chest rub is very effective and totally natural for babies. Thanks for stopping by.

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