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Children are very important and therefore we need to care for them and that includes their outward appearance. It is very important to know everything about a product that we want to purchase for our kids. Their well being is very essential and you have to be mindful of what you purchase for your children.

Footwears are a must have for your children. Be it toddlers, teens etc.. They need them to keep their foot warm from cold and to prevent bacterial and virus from infecting them.

Children are very physically active and require shoes made from a breathable material such as canvas or leather. This prevents discomfort and smelly shoes, which can lead to  smelling feet.

I  would split it into four segments. The first is guidelines when buying new, look kids shoes. The second is how it works. Then avoid oversized kids shoes. Lastly rejects tight fitted kids shoes.

Guidelines When Buying New Look Kids Shoes

When shopping for your children wears is very important that you shop for shoes that will go alongside with your kids wears. The shoes you chose for your children can affect their all round well being. Shoes affect their stamina and alignment, and not rightly fitted shoes can lead to permanent health problems.Children Shoes

I will outline some guideline that you can use to buy new, look kids shoes the next time you have to buy shoes for your children.

1. Purchase the kind of shoes your children like

2. Be sure there is a space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe

How it Works. What Kids Want

Always choose shoes that your child likes, so that they can enjoy wearing them. Your child must like them. Allow your child to give some suggestion as to the style, color and design of the shoe. If you buy shoes your child doesn’t like, it can be a waste of money if he/she doesn’t wear them.

Buying what your children want to make them happy. So make sure they pick their choice.  Though, under your guidance.

Be sure that there is a space of about 1.5cm to 2cm (0.5 to 0.65 inches) between the longest toe and the shoe. This space allows the toes to spread out for better comfort and stability. Also, if your child is unable to tie shoe laces, try not to buy shoes with laces for them, until you have thought them how to tie the shoe lace without assistance.

Avoid Oversized Kids Shoes

Baby shoesWhen buying shoes for your children, make sure the shoe isn’t over seized. Don’t be tempted to go a little larger to try to get a few extra months of wear out of it. Too-big shoes are hard to walk in and could even be unsafe. If one foot is markedly bigger than the other, however, buy to fit the larger one. If the shoe fits, then buy it.

Oversized shoes will cause blisters, foot injury or calluses over time, when your child’s heel and the back of the shoe rubs together. If the shoe fits too loosely, it’s likely to come off during normal wear and can cause gait problems.

Put your finger between the back of the shoe and your child’s foot, along the heel. Your finger should fit snugly between your child’s heel and the back of the shoe.

Reject Tight Fitted Children Shoes

Tight fitted kids shoes can be so uncomfortable for the child. One foot is usually bigger than the other. The bigger foot should determine the shoe size, not the smaller one. Push down on the front of the shoe. It should not be tight over the top of the foot to allow some space for movement. Also shoes that are too small can cause foot deformations, pain and blisters.

Press the outer side of your child’s shoe to feel for your child’s little toe. You should be able to feel the toe, not children sandalspressed firmly against the shoe wall, but able to flex within. The fit is too small if the toe presses against the shoe wall.

Check the arch inside the shoe. There should be an “arch support” a contoured piece to fit your child’s foot. The slope of the arch should start at the base of your child’s big toe.

Advice for Parents When Buying New Look Kids Shoes

It’s sometimes confusing when buying shoes for children. All you need to do is watch out for the right features in the shoes you want to purchase for your child.

Always check the inside and outside of your kid’s shoes. If you notice that your child’d shoes are worn out, and need replacement. Please do them well by replacing them with new ones.

Do well to follow the outlined tips above and you will definitely see your children happy with their shoes.

I hope you enjoyed the post and if you ever need a hand, have any question(s) about your kids shoes or want to write your own personal views. Feel free to drop them in a comment below.

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  1. Hi Pat,

    Those new look kids shoes really are very nice foot wears. What is the general price range here Pat and where can I order a pair as well?

    I see you have a nice selection in your article as I need to buy a few pairs here. Thanks again Pat.

    • Thanks Philip. You can check the New Chic site, there are lots of beautiful shoes with discounted rate right now. Am sure your kids will like them.

  2. It is great that you reminded us to buy shoes that the kids actually like. As parents sometimes we think we are always right and buy a shoe that the child will refuse to wear because they did not like it. And about tight-fitted shoes. I learned the hard way to always buy shoes with a little room.

  3. A very nice article detailing a lot of important issues with children shoes. nicely laid out and intelligently written. It’s true that there are a lot of manufacturers that make shoes of very dubious quality. When my kids were growing up they used to get through a lot of shoes and I used to be shocked as to the sheer lack of quality there was out there. The points you raise on these issues are valid and I think you detail them very nicely here. Nice work

    • Hello Rus,

      Thanks for reading my post. Many shoes today kids don’t grow out of them, the shoes get bad very fast due to fake quality and some of them can affect our kids health too.

      I will advice we take a close look at the shoes we buy for our kids even though we need some affordable shoes sometime. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.


  4. Hi Pat, thanks for this insightful post. My son is quickly outgrowing his shoes and I’m planning on getting new pairs for him. He is kind of a shoe freak and he usually wants all fancy shoes that his favourite movie characters and celebs rock. Even in cases where we could get only the tight fitted only. I think I need to pay more attentions to selecting shies for him to avoid him from hurting himself just for the live of getting the wears he wants at the detriment of his health. Thanks for this eye opener.

    • Hello Darrick,

      Thanks for reading my post. First we have to consider the health of our kids while they make their choices. The two goes together. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.


  5. Hallo there Pat,

    Your post has breaks been informative for me.

    As a man who has a lot up his sleeve in terms of family, I have not really been paying too much attention when buying shoes for my kids. I will only look at the design and the size of the shoe if it is something I think my daughters will love, I buy them.

    I think I will now have to go with them when buying shoes. I’ll let them choose and then see if what they have chosen are good for them.

    Personally, I have come to have ugly feet because I wore too tight shoes when I was a kid and that is not something I want my daughters to have as well.

    This post has really changed my perspective and I am very grateful.

    Have a wonderful day.

    • Hello Dave,

      Thanks for reading my post. I’m glad you learn something from the post. Kids most times like to make their own choice. I see that a lot of time with my children. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.


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